Stin Korfi documentary
psiloritis psiloritis psarantonis psiloritis psiloritis

The main ‘character’ of the documentary is this mountain, specifically the summit of Timios Stavros that attracts people like a magnet until now. Why do they still ascent?

Though not considered a difficult climb by most standards, it is quite challenging because of the extremely strong winds, the rugged relief and the low temperatures. The only valid response to the question “why Psiloritis” is a tautologous one: “because it is Psiloritis.” This mountain is the soul of Crete, a land so complicated and diverse.

Crete is a very popular tourist destination with around 2 millions visitors each year. However, very few of them, even the other Greeks, manage to penetrate its world. Cretans have the reputation of being extremely hospitable, hotheaded, passionate for freedom, open-minded and at the same time full of superstitions. They are somewhat Christian somewhat pagan. They are crazy about music and rhyming couplets. They possess and use guns, they practice personal vengeance (vendetta), they are goat thieves for fun. How much of all this is true?

If one had the opportunity to settle for a while on the top of Psiloritis (almost impossible because of the harsh conditions), he could probably get the answers… - τηλ. 210 3412687